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Bringing Local Farmers Right to your Table


Organic Sustainable Farming. Support local.


Getting the word out.

Digital Visibility Stratigies

When we needed to get the word out and expand our business, we searched for a marketing firm that could help us with our reputation and social media management. We found Philadelphia base Marketing Consultant Digital Visibility Strategies  They advertise as “Your Chief Marketing Office for Hire”, and that was right on the mark.  

Digital Visibility Strategies set us up with easy to use, reputation and social media management software. With a focus on data driven marketing, they performed a marketing analysis, developed our new marketing plan, guided our strategy, and helped us ways to market our business and understand the ROI.

Companies we Love

Companies we Love

We love the fantastic Farmers Market on Meeting Street in Charleston. During our visit, we were so graciously hosted, and guided, by the very talented folks over at Charleston Hardwood Floor Refinishing.

After Charleston, we headed up to Savannah Georgia to hit the Forsyth Farmers Market. What a Treat! Our wonderful hosts in Georgia were Savannah Hardwood Floors. They took amazing care of us before we headed North, to Richmond Virginia.

As we continued North we visited South of the Hames Market in Joseph Bryan Park, in Richmond. Our very accommodating hosts, Richmond Hardwood Floors introduced us to many local food producers.

Final Stop on our food tour, Edison NJ. Home to a wonderful farmers market that is open every Sunday, June thru October. Our hosts on this final stop Hardwood Floors Edison. Thank you for honey farm experience!

Over 400 Local Merchants

Together we are over 400 local merchants strong. Supporting our local community.

100% Organic

Small local farms, supporting the local community. Organic food, sustainably grown.

Local Merchants